Box-A-Ball: Speed Striker Target Ball
Box-A-Ball: Speed Striker Target Ball

Box-A-Ball: Speed Striker Target Ball

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The Latest Craze In Fitness Workouts! Box Your Way To A Leaner Body!

  • Fashionable new training equipment
  • Burn calories & stay fit while having fun!
  • Improve reaction time, accuracy & speed
  • 100% safe; great for the entire family
  • Portable, lightweight & easy to use
  • Perfect for home fitness workouts
  • Used by boxers & other professional athletes 


  • EXCELLENT FITNESS BALL Lightweight and portable, Teenager, adult or professional trainer can use it, popular and fashion equipment in work breaks or school breaks. Fight ball will improve your agility, concentration, reaction and reflexes.
  • HIGH SIMULATION SENSE OF COMBAT 85g solid boxing ball, different from tennis ball, High simulation sense of combat. After putting on this sweat absorbent straps, adjusting the length with Premium Velcro, strike fast as a boxer, learn more punching skill from exercise.
  • 360° ROTATOR INNOVATIVE DESIGN New design makes it easier to punch. This 360° swivel applies to avoid winding while boxing, which might decrease efficiency of hitting the ball, and results to hit your eyes, face, body more frequently
  • 2 STRING, 2 DIFFICULTY LEVEL No matter whether you are beginner or professional boxer, you can choose the proper level to start. From easy to hard difficulty , a small fitness ball can bring you lots of fun. Great equipment for MMA, boxing, fighting and other agility trainings.


  • Improve Reaction and Speed:Perfect training equipment which is 360 degrees all-round. This exercise requires you to be fast and use reflexes which will result in improving your concentration ,hand-eye coordination and speed
  • Lightweight and Portable: Convenient to carry because of light weight and easy portability. Train wherever you go!
  • Suitable for Everyone: Man or woman , teenager or child..even the aged.Everyone can play with this boxing ball .Not only suitable for boxing, MMA and other combat sports, but also can be used to improve general flexibility.



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