CleanNet™ The Amazing Laundry Lint & Pet Hair Remover
CleanNet™ The Amazing Laundry Lint & Pet Hair Remover
CleanNet™ The Amazing Laundry Lint & Pet Hair Remover

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CleanNet™ The Amazing Laundry Lint & Pet Hair Remover

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“The EASIEST Way To Remove Pesky Hair And Lint From Your Clothes!”

  • Take Out Annoying Lint and Pet Hairs 
  • Works with Both Top Loader and Front Loader
  • Spend Your Time On More Important Things
  • Chemical-Free Material Won't Damage Clothing
  • Floats On Top of Clothes for Quick Access
  • Easy to Clean Out and Reuse
  • Works for Up to 1 Year of Use!

Save Your Time from Cleaning Out Lint! 

Don't you have better things to do than spending 30 minutes with a lint roller?

Duh, of course you do!

Whether you have a shaggy dog or fluffy clothes, we all have to deal with lint.

But you shouldn't have to clean it out yourself. 

CleanNet™ filters out lint in the washer for you so you can use your time elsewhere! 

Buy 2 Get 1 Free - Please select the option in the "Bundles" drop-down menu above

No Chemicals Are Added

Forget harsh chemicals...

All they do is damage clothing and ruin the color. 

CleanNet™'s PE & EVA materials are 100% chemical free.

Rest easy knowing your clothes are safe from any damage at all!

EASY to Access and Clean 

CleanNet™ floats on top of your clothes so you don't have to dig through a wet pile. 

It's easy to get to whenever you need it!

Plus the free access design makes it a breeze to clean out. 

It only takes 3 seconds max to reach in and remove any lint or hair.

Reuse Daily for Up to 1 Year! 

A sturdy build and easy clean make CleanNet™ ultra durable.

If cleaned out properly after each use, CleanNet™ is guaranteed to last you up to a year!

No need to buy a new filter every month. 

CleanNet™ is built to last. 

Buy 2 Get 1 Free - Please select the option in the "Bundles" drop-down menu above

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See What Our Customers Have to Say!

  Five stars

"This little contraption picks up lots of pet hair even when I washed their blankets and beds. Who'da think."

Lois W.

  Well worth the cost

"was very happy with my purchase. when the packaged arrived it came with just one lint catcher which I wasn't sure about at first. but it ended up being more than worth it. i have been using the item for months now and it still hasn't showed any signs of falling apart. well made."

- Sarah Cohen

  Good product

"Traps tons of hairs and lint every time I use it. It's saved me a lot of time not having to use a lint roller or anything like that. I just purchased another one for my daughter for when she goes to college."

- Debra T.

  Great price for a quality product!

"I was honestly suprised to find that these very inexpensive lint traps work! I have a mini washer/spin dryer and the lint wasn't being removed from my cloths via washer. I decided to try these because of the price. I used them for a cleaning cycle just to clean the washer itself and they found lint that I didn't even know was stuck in the tub! Easy to rinse away the lint and reuse. Very satisfied. Would recommend to everyone."

- Astrid R.

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Product Specs

Weight: 35 g

Length: 14 cm

Material: PE + EVA

Package Includes:

1 x CleanNet™ Laundry Filter

Our 1 Year Risk-Free Guarantee

We are so sure you will LOVE it that we offer a 1 year guarantee on this one.

If you aren't satisfied with this product - for any reason at all - just send it back and we will rush your refund to your card.

No risk!

But Hurry - Supply Running Out Fast!




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