WrinkleGone!™ Wrinkle Releasing Steam Dryer Ball
WrinkleGone!™ Wrinkle Releasing Steam Dryer Ball
WrinkleGone!™ Wrinkle Releasing Steam Dryer Ball
WrinkleGone!™ Wrinkle Releasing Steam Dryer Ball
WrinkleGone!™ Wrinkle Releasing Steam Dryer Ball
WrinkleGone!™ Wrinkle Releasing Steam Dryer Ball

WrinkleGone!™ Wrinkle Releasing Steam Dryer Ball

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EASILY Remove Wrinkles With This REVOLUTIONARY Dryer Ball”

  • Use steam to effectively eliminate wrinkles
  • Avoid putting chemicals in your clothing
  • Save $$$ not having to buy softener
  • Spend your time doing something other than ironing
  • Reuse multiple times per week up to 4 years

The MOST EFFECTIVE Way to Rid Wrinkles

Use the power of steam to rid your clothes of wrinkles fast.

WrinkleGone!™ turns water into steam to penetrate deep into fabric and smoothen.

It's the best way to de-wrinkle your clothing!

Save Your $$$ and Stop the Chemicals

Stop spending hundreds of $$$ over the course of years to keep your clothes smooth.

With WrinkleGone!™, you won't have to spend that kind of money anymore!

Plus you're doing yourself a favor by keeping harsh chemicals out from damaging your clothes.

Get Your Valuable Time Back!!!

The last thing you want to do is spend 30 minutes or more ironing clothes.

WrinkleGone!™ does the de-wrinkling for you so you can spend your time on more important things.

It even speeds up the drying process by harnessing steam technology.

Easy & Safe to Handle

All that's needed to work WrinkleGone!™ is fill it up with water and toss it in the dryer.

That's it... your job is done!

Not to mention the material is environmentally friendly and safe for skin. 

No chemicals at all.

Reuse Up to 4 Years Straight! 

Get a WrinkleGone!™ ball once and you're set for 4 years of continuous use.

And by "continuous" we mean 3 - 4 times a week. 

So if you use it even less than that, don't be surprised if it lasts you 8, 9, or even 10 years!

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See What Our Customers Have to Say!

  Wrinklegone simply works!

"This is my second purchase of Wrinklegone! The first ball lasted years and years before the foam inside finally deteriorated. (At that point, I pulled out the remaining foam, stuffed the balls with dog treats and they made great rolling treat toys.) These are perfect for freahening up clothes, de-wrinkling (especially after winter stuff has been stored in a basement) and there's no lint. Even works fine on delcate silks and scarves. A must-have in any laundry room."

Amy Slay

  Dryer ball

"I have used dryer balls for quite a while. The soften towels and wash cloths, anything you don't want the water repellent properties that fabric softener causes. These balls are soft so hopefully they will last longer. The older ones were rigid and the nubs on them would eventually break off. If I forget to take a load of laundry out of the dryer I can put water into the sponge inside the ball and put the load through a short cycle. The ball produced steam and it will get rid of most of the wrinkles. I love these balls and have given them to my daughter. It reduces the amount of softer you have to buy."

Barb L.

  Terrific product

"I have heard a lot of great reviews about this product. I think it is a terrific product. The ball always takes the wrinkles out of my clothes. I used the other one until there was nothing left in the ball. I use it in every dryer load where there are clothes that I would otherwise have to iron!"

Pam Beasley

  A staple in my laundry room

"I have used these for years. Had my first one for about 3 yrs and finally had to replace it after using it several times a week. If you're like me and don't get the clothes out of the dryer as soon as they are done and don't want to iron- you'll love these things. I have turned all my girlfriends on to these little wonders-much cheaper than a new steam dryer and just as good:)"

Jan H.

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Product Specs

Material: silicone

Weight: 158g

Size: 6.5 x 5.8 x 3.7 in

Package Includes:

1 x WrinkleGone!™ Dryer Ball

Our 1 Year Risk-Free Guarantee

We are so sure you will LOVE it that we offer a 1 year guarantee on this one.

If you aren't satisfied with this product - for any reason at all - just send it back and we will rush your refund to your card.

No risk!

But Hurry - Supply Running Out Fast!

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